About our SSR

Introducing the Simple Swing Repeater™ (SSR as we call it) developed by Plane Simple Golf. We have designed this training brace specifically to enhance the Plane Simple Golf Swing Program.

Our Simple Swing Repeater (SSR) is gaining momentum all over the world. Players are benefiting from the Power, Performance and Perfection of their overall golf game that the SSR provides.

Power – Delivering the club with the forearms from a shallow angle of approach. The forearm rotation created by the SSR delivers the club thru impact not only with a square club face, it creates a shallow angle of attack for maximum force. This means added Power to your impact.

Performance – The SSR allows your game to perform like never before. You will now have ball control with a square club face for straight shots and consistent lofts for distance control. Timing the impact is no longer necessary as the SSR keeps the club face square thru the swing. Consistent contact on putts, chips and pitch shots will make you dominate your short game.

Perfection – The SSR creates true perfection in practice as you are now able to repeat swing after swing exactly the same. You will have more productive practice sessions in less time. Ball flight will become the same shot after shot giving you an awesome impact and what we all want – lower scores. You will be able to repeat your practice over and over and this will super charge your game.

No other Training Brace allows you to hit every shot in the game without having to take the the Brace off like the SSR. You can now work thru your whole practice session with repeated Power, Performance and Perfection. One lesson price for a lifetime of lessons. Combined now with our 30 Day Challenge Video Drills – Players are blasting their handicaps down in very little time.

Your time is now to finally get the golf game your have always wanted and deserve – www.psgssr.com – your website to the best golf of your life.

The Simple Swing Repeater™ is designed to assist the golfer in maintaining and developing the proper positioning of the lead wrist and the angle formed between this wrist and the shaft of the club at address throughout the golf swing. This results into delivering the club back to the original address angle and square at impact. This is a key component of the Plane Simple Golf Swing. It is designed to be worn during practice, yet so comfortable that you can hit shots on the course while playing golf. AgainWhat separates us apart from all other Training devices is that you can put on the SSR and hit every shot in the game without taking it off.

We have developed the SSR Training Brace to simplify the golf swing and make golf easier and more fun. Our SSR will allow you to practice more efficiently and repeat your swing with ease. Just picture your perfect practice repetition and repeated ball striking results. Now you can take your swing from the range to the course as you can play the entire round without having to remove the SSR.

On average, our clients are lowering their handicaps by 40% in four to six weeks using the SSR. Get started today!

Don’t delay – order your SSR now!


imageSSR Introduction