“Lifetime of Lessons in One Box”

For Every Shot in the Game

…..Congrats to PSG/SSR Client Anthony Barbato on his round of 75 – a 100 average shooter scoring 75 within our 30 Day Challenge….Buy Your SSR Now!!!…The only Training Brace built for every shot in the game….Consistent repeated impacts with every shot…..Why wait? Order Now….

We have one mission – To simplify the game of golf for the masses and bring more players back and to the game. Our SSR gives us the ability to simplify your game and lower your scores in a very short time. – Pete Buchanan, Inventor of the SSR and Director of Instruction for Plane Simple Golf

Simple Swing Repeater from Plane Simple Golf. A Lifetime of Lessons in one Box. Along with our 4 Lesson DVD  – all the lessons you will need to simplify your swing and lower your scores. Order yours now and simplify your game. No other program gets results faster than our SSR. Unique in that you can put on the SSR and hit every shot in the game without taking it off. Complete, repetitive, perfect practice on all areas of your game. No other Training Brace out there does this. Our clients are finding immediate results and handicaps dropping 40-50% in 4 weeks. Join us and get your game improvement on now.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

This is why we invented the Simple Swing Repeater:
“Have been playing Golf with a Vigor I haven’t felt in years!
I have been golfing since I retired at 55, moved to central Florida and got a starter & player assistant job at a very upscale resort style Golf Course.
The job had many perks one being as much golf and practice I wanted, I stayed the same Handicap for years never getting any better than a 20 Hdcp. playing like a 23 Hdcp, I played and played, then I was introduced to Plane Simple Golf by a coworker.
I can’t say enough good things about the concept. I’m taking my time studying the drills and watching the videos, at the range I’m hitting the ball straight, more and more down the middle without the wrist cock, I can get back to Square more times than I could have ever imagined. Last week I played every day, early in the morning, like a child with a new found enthusiasm, I haven’t ever felt in many years.
Did I tell you I’m 70 years old have been playing very regular for the last 15 years? I usually go out golfing early to get exercise & keeping fit, “FLAT LINED” was my game. It seemed to me, “It was DEAD”.  I was always hitting “FOUL BALLS” Tee shots , fairway shots, chips, most going FOUL. Double bogey and more.  It was getting me down, than one day a Co-worker and new friend (you can remove his name if you please, I have not asked his permission to use it, but I owe it all to him, Chris Johnson (PSG Tour Player/Instructor), the same Chris in your videos.) Ask me how I did that day?  I told him my sad story and he told me about PlaneSimpleGolf.com and fixed me up with Simple Swing Repeater, and offered support.
Well, I went off looking at your program as a ‘Plain Simple’ way to square the club at impact. It seemed so simple to me because at my age, my back swing works very well with your ” wall to wall” principle, and keeping my wrist firm is the answer, not only for me but for every weekend, vacationing man and woman who suffer with finding & and hitting their FOUL BALLS out of the rough & sand.
For the first time I have been hitting 12/13 fairways at least 3 out of 4 par 3 greens. If I hit fairways I have a great chance to hit the Green in 2 and every time I got on in 2, I 2 putted for a PAR. Last week I played 18 holes a day 5 days, and hit the range 1hr. 3 days, only because I was having so much “FUN” I couldn’t stop hitting so many great shots down the middle, can not wait to get back the next week
No Kidding, my score has been in the low 80s (84 high to 81 low)!!! Consistently
(Update – within the first 30 days Anthony shot 75)
My first sentence is worth repeating: “I am now playing the Game of Golf with a Vigor I haven’t felt in years!”
Thank you Pete Buchanan & your Friends for the heads up on PlaneSimpleGolf.com
Soon people will catch on, I’m sure.
Anthony Barbato – PSG Client and 30 Day Challenge Participant